Luang Phor Koon was born on thursday, 4th October B.E.2466(1923). He was raised in a well family. His grandfather was an influential person and very well known in the province of Nakon Raatchaseemah. He was also known to possess wichah (magic power) but unfortunately many people were afraid of him.

When Luang Phor Koon was 7 years old, his grandfather brought him to study Thai and Pali under Archan Cheum, Archan Sai and Phra Archan Lee in a temple near his house. Luang Phor Koon was ordained as a monk at the age 21years old at Wat Thanon (Hatyai) on 5th May B.E.2487(1944). Phra Kru Wijahn Dtigit was the preceptor. Phra Kru Atigahn Torng Suk was his Dharma teacher. His monk name was Pisuttoh.

Luang Phor Koon stayed in Wat Thanon Hatyai to study Dharma and he also learnt under Luang Phor Daeng. He learned dharma, sammahdti and wichah. Luang Phor Koon was very diligent and he studied hard. Seeing that LP Koon was very keen in learning, LP Daeng brought him to meet Luang Phor Kong who was the abbot of Wat Hatyai. LP Koon became disciple of LP Kong who was in fact a forest monk and whom he was to accompany on long journeys in the jungles.

Beside dharma and sammahdti, LP Kong also taught LP Koon Wichah and type technique of inserting takrut into a person arm. After learning from LP Kong he Went Tudung alone. He when as far as Laos and Cambodia, remaining in the jungles for many years. LP Koon returned to Thailand after 10 years and resided at Wat Bahn Rai Nakon Raatchaseemah. When LP Koon first came to Wat Bahn Rai, the temple was in a dilapidated state. There was only an old (salah)shelter, (bot)hall, and (guti)a place where a Buddha statue is generally placed.

Luang Phor Koon was determined to rebuild the temple. He approached the abbot of the temple at the time, and asked for his help. The abbot told him that the temple did not have sufficient fund (only 10,000 baht) and asked LP Koon how much money he required to rebuild the temple. LP Koon replied that he needed 3 to 4 million baht. When the abbot heard that, he said that he was not able to help though it was his duty. LP Koon then asked the villagers and his lay disciples to source fund. Many people came forward and helped. The total fund collected was almost 2 million baht and Wat Bahn Rai was able to be rebuilt.

LP Koon was gradually gaining popularity in Nakon Raatchaseemah. Whenever people heard LP Koon want to build a temple or a school, many people would come forward and help. LP Koon had built many schools, temples and hospitals in Nakon Raatchaseemah. Whenever devotees go to Wat Bahn Rai, be rich or poor, LP Koon will meet them personally and bless them. Some 10,000 people a day used to come to Wat Bahn Rai temple to be whacked or more gently blessed. That number is down since the Thai economy tumbled a number of years ago although it probably should have increased. Most pilgrims come to him for one reason to get richer. "They believe he has magic power" say Amporn Charnkuntawat.

The monks fame reached new heights in 1993 when a woman was pulledout alive from the rubble of a collapsed hotel, clutching an amulet with his image on it. Stories of LP Koon followers who have won the lottery abound. LP Koon chants the most amulets in Thailand. Many temples and people will create their own amulets and ask him to bless. He seldom rejects anyone who come to him for blessings. LP Koon is very good at the wichah of inserting takrut. He will personally insert the takrut under the arm of devotees. These takrut are well proven to protect a person from accidents and to possess metta, as well as to provide kong grapan (immunity to weapons). For almost 20years, LP Koon has chanted and inserted many takrut, but now LP Koon has stopped doing it due to his poor health. However, he will still meet and bless devotees who go to Wat Bahn Rai to pay respect to him.
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